Power Struggles

In the wake of world major nuclear disasters and the accessibility of green energy. Is it time to ask the question, are the best choices being made? 

Every full moon a women only group meet to hold vigil opposing the building of Hinkley C nuclear power plant in rural England. I took part in the vigils and over a period of two years and produced a body of work about the Witch Watch group. 

I was compelled to create this project because, when the news reports on protests the images often show anger and conflict. I feel the thoughtfulness and intelligence of the counter arguments are lost in favour of judgements and stereotypes of people that oppose the status quo. In my work I’m attempting to re-address the balance by carefully curating and crafting the images to speak about our shared humanity and to give a voice to the environment; Revealing the unseen power struggles though the use of the women's sculpture of the surrounding environment, ancient land rituals, performance, protest and crafts. The photographs are inspired by the women and our shared belief that we are all part of the natural world and soulful acts can make a big change.